Become a Neighbor

Here is the process to join the C.O.M. Great Neighbors

Our future is you. We are looking for actors to contribute to our collective work. See the Charter for membership terms.

If you want to become a non-member Neighbor(s), even with your own Mission statement, you can, including by promoting "Great Neighbors."

As much as memberships are for actors, (mainly legal entities of all kinds), anyone can create a account and participate in that community there.

Moreover, as an individual belonging to an actor or not a Great Neighbor, you can make the actors join the Great Neighbors.

It is good to join and to claim your activity as a Great Neighbors C.O.M. because it allows us to live and always bring more services.

Being an actor member brings you "inclusive advantages": that is to say that we do not give preference to actor members over non-member participants.

As an individual member of a Neighboring Actor, whether a member or not, even if that actor is simply being part of the larger society, you have a plethora of goods and services at Great Neighbors to consume and produce.