We the Villagers' Mission Charter

This imperfect manifesto reflects the hopes, sufferings and misunderstandings of those who inspired it. Les Grands Voisins were born in the Saint-Vincent-de-Paul hospital in the 14th arrondissement in Paris, between Port Royal and the Catacombs. We were born out of the cracks in concrete and in public policy. We are open, inclusive and at the service of welcoming all. We believe in bridges between utopia and reality.

  • parity in governance
  • collective resolution in good intelligence
  • free expression
  • artistic exercise
  • lifelong learning
  • valuing all forms of work.

At Les Grands Voisins, we live, work, sleep, eat, care, shop, cry, laugh, and do it in every language. Inclusion and exclusion go hand in hand. The other is an opportunity.

We seek places of social mixing that allow the valorization and the sharing of the knowledge and know-how of each and everyone. We call for places of social mixing that encourage listening and the possibility of meeting, conditions for the relaxation of the fear of the other. We demand places of social mix that fight against the inward-lookingness, the isolation of putting individuals to boxes.

We need places and time to make precedent, to be able to invent other forms of society in harmony with the ecosystems. We all have to give and receive.