Presentation is a collective of communities open to worlds sharing common goods from digital and beyond.

I was involved in Les Grands Voisins installed in the former Saint Vincent de Paul hospital (near the Jardin de Luxembourg in Paris) from 2016 to 2019. In 2017, I edited the contributions of a hundred neighbors over a month in my version of the Great Neighbors Manifesto: that is, the basis of proposes a mechanism for sharing common goods. For example, Neighbors bars can exhibit the works of Neighbors artists. Neighboring merchants can share a common loyalty system for their customers. Today, we have set up internet servers to share based on free software and with the label "The contract for the web" (email, virtual meetings, drive cloud, etc.). The commons are managed together whether they are online or in person.

In short: aims to become a trusted third party.

We propose to local political authorities, social service institutions, public actors, and the social and solidarity economy (companies, associations, professionals, artists, and craftsmen) to contribute to with their funding, their in-kind contributions and their visions of Great Neighbors.

You and I have different definitions of Great Neighbors and we are both right.